Anti-Hezbollah terrorism

Increasingly, Al Qaeda affiliated or inspired Jihadists are targeting Hezbollah. After the fall of Qusayr in the spring of 2013, I have published regularly on this topic. As far as I know, I was the first to forecast that Hezbollah will become a victim of terrorism but perhaps there were others?

Car Bomb in South Beirut  January 2014
Aftermath of deadly car bomb in South Beirut in January 2014

Hezbollah will likely face more terrorist attacks in its own back yard during the course of the Syrian conflict. Like their ‘brothers’ in Baghdad, Lebanese Shiites might also have to get used to car bombs and suicide attacks. It is highly ironic that as the EU labels Hezbollah’s military wing a terrorist organisation, perhaps the party itself and its supporters could become the main victim of terror.
– July 2013

For more background on why these ‘takfiri’ Jihadists will increasingly target Hezbollah read: ‘The theatre of war in the SIL region’ and ‘Hezbollah – terrorists or facing terror?’

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